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Single-sided bridge slide - DOLRE H241 (TL4 according to MASH*)


* determined by numerical computation

Outstanding design

Fuse system:

  • saving installation time

  • preservation of the support (concrete)

OA12 3.jpg
OA12 1.jpg

The lowest transmitted efforts of the market:

M=14 kNm

V=43 kN/post

H241 speci.png
Briefly ...

Steel restraint systems are linear elements designed to straighten the path of vehicles. They are made by assembling steel components.


In accordance with NBN EN 1317-1/2/5, the performance are:

  • Minimum containment level: H2 (=TL4)

  • Maximum working widthe : Wn 4

  • Vehicle intrusion = VIn 3

  • Acceleration Severity Index (ASI) =  ASI B

The additional features are:

  • Minimum distance between posts = 2 m

  • To ensure the guardrail function, the overall height in relation to the concrete support ≥ 1,20 m

  • To limit the influence on the structure, the maximum space requirement between front and rear post face = 47 cm

  • For aesthetic reasons, the longitudinal elements are tubes with a diameter of: 10 and 12 cm +/- 1 cm

  • For aesthetic reasons, the connections between the longitudinal elements are not visible on the 180° front panel (the fixing points will only be located on the 180° rear panel)

  • In order to limit the number of sealing holes, the average number of anchors per meter of device = 1 pieces/m

  • To limit or even avoid reinforcements, the forces transmitted by post are M=14 kNm, V=43 kN

Guardrail fonction:

  • Handrail height at 1.2m.

  • Filling preventing the passage of a 15cm diameter cylinder.

  • CE certification of the entire system (slide + filling).



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